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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 481 haunt reproduce
Hao Ren laughed as he used his Light-weight Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll much more skillfully .
Hao Ren considered Xie Yujia and next to Zhao Yanzi .
The jade pendant on her the neck and throat was emitting radiance in the sun, making your skin layer by Zhao Yanzi’s neck area and chest muscles appear silky and fragile .
Implementing its stubby lower limbs, it dived in to the seashore as well .
Seeing that they had their biceps and triceps around his waist, Hao Ren discovered why he acquired this kind of at ease and cozy rest previous night…
Unsurprisingly, Zhao Hongyu predetermined while using bit of advice easily .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
While Hao Ren was dozing out, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili transported their seating appropriate alongside Hao Ren’s . Leaning against him, they inserted their delicate faces on either side of his shoulder blades .
“Could it be a sea monster that stirred within the waves…” they thought .
“Likely a speedboat…” one other younger gentleman solved with a bit of hesitation .
Far, a page of bright waves photo up forcefully, and yes it sounded like there was anything flying on the list of waves .
Hao Ren laughed lightheartedly because he let go of their hands .
“Well, Yujia will the You . S . to travel to her moms and dads, as well as your dad would like to accept possiblity to meet up with his close friend . Simply because it happens, Hongyu and Zi will certainly see Zi’s subsequent uncle that is also inside the U . S . , therefore i questioned Hongyu to help us ensure you get your visas and reserve your tickets totally,” Yue Yang described .
Minimal Bright who had been enjoying itself as it chased after a little fishes also dashed from the seas .
Considering the fact that Zhao Yanzi was adamant on being at Hao Ren’s home, Zhao Hongyu could only totally agree just after neglecting to influence her little princess normally .
It turned out true that Zhao Yanzi’s subsequent uncle is in the You . S . , and it also was not a thing bizarre about Zhao Hongyu wanting to consider Zhao Yanzi there to go to her uncle’s family throughout the summer months split .
Therefore, she have been speaking to Zhao Hongyu about building a small-range temperature station there .
“Ren, you do have a airplane to catch! I’ll come in in the event you don’t get into gear now!” Hao Zhonghua set about knocking for the doorstep .
Yue Yang was now coming to the Temperature Bureau to dispatch employees, aiming to have this project commenced and done immediately . Â
“The next day, Elder Direct sun light may come and opt for you up, and we’ll fulfill directly within the airport terminal . ” Immediately after dropping them away from, Zhao Hongyu additional reminded Hao Ren .
The 2 mature and stylish females genuinely appreciated one another and almost regretted being without achieved each other well sooner .
Right behind him, Little White-colored jumped right out of the drinking water and raced to do its typical business inside of a close by meadow .
On the telephone, Granny couldn’t avoid praising Su Han and stated that she was careful, thoughtful, soothing, and sort . She almost outlined that Su Han was really a fantastic vehicle driver given that they arrived at the small town in the blink of any eye…
“We’re heading backside, let’s go!” Zhao Yanzi reported as she abruptly received in the middle Hao Ren and Xie Yujia and started off yanking them straight back to the hotel .
“Gongzi, we wish to attempt that too…” Waving their modest fists and frivolously wiggling their own bodies, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili swam to show their charming objection through their puffed-up cheeks .
Xie Yujia was creating meals with the aid of Lu Linlin and Lu Lili, Hao Ren was in charge of was.h.i.+ng fresh vegetables, and Zhao Yanzi was just liable for eating only . . .
Keeping their hands, Hao Ren spun around another efforts and began briskly skimming across the top of the sea .
Swiftly, her eye widened, and her voice was packed with fury . “Very little White…”
Rocking its b.u.t.t, Very little White promptly accelerated and instantly swam a long way away .
The jade pendant on the neck area was giving off radiance under the sun, helping to make your skin layer by Zhao Yanzi’s neck and chest search soft and vulnerable .
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Baths in the sunshine and included in declines water, the youthful body systems of Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi were truly see through and seemed as steady as jade .
the summons
“So he’s residing at Wu Luoxue’s home! That means he grows to hang out with the gal he likes he needs to be overjoyed… this dude is just as shameless very little Bright white!”
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Rocking its b.u.t.t, Very little White promptly accelerated and instantly swam miles away .
Hao Ren turned into Xie Yujia and to Zhao Yanzi .
She was the most extreme at boating, so she was the final into the future up .

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