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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2396 reminiscent fuel
“You guys suggested, perfect?” Ye Wanwan was exasperated. “Considering your personas, it’s similar to planets colliding when you match. It’s absolutely impossible for issues to be settled through negotiation, and that’s just introducing power into the fire.”
A minute later, Yin Yuerong slowly checked up. “Good daughter, you finally recognized the kind of person your mommy is. That’s decent, isn’t it?”
How could an individual be heartless and ice cold-blooded to this particular extent? Was there anything at all she cared about?
At Wanmei Villa:
Ye Wanwan gently embraced the person. “Why will you be apologizing in my experience? It’s not your mistake.”
The instant Ye Wanwan read Lin Que speaking with Si Yehan, she rushed around.
Section 2396: Putting fuel for the fire
At the Si property:
Yin Yuerong may even detain Tangtang for the remainder of his living, reluctant to discharge him.
“Wanwan, you don’t know her. When we let this to drag on, Tangtang are usually in danger.”
How could someone be heartless and chilly-blooded to this particular scope? Was there something she cared about?
“Yin Yuerong!” A bone-chilling coldness exploded from Si Yehan’s sight.
Lin Que hid distant right before wanting to know, “Ninth… 9th Brother… what’s taking place ,?”
“Wanwan, you don’t know her. If we enable this to pull on, Tangtang will be in hazard.”
Lin Que was dumbfounded. “D*mn! How to find you organizing, Ninth Buddy?! Have you been trying to raid them forcefully?”
The moment Ye Wanwan observed Lin Que conversing with Si Yehan, she rushed through.
Yin Yuerong paused temporarily right before continuing, “Oh perfect, I needed one thing to see you. That child—what’s his name? Tangtang, was it? That tiny fella truly resembles his mommy a lot of he’s quite as revolting. Don’t worry—I will keep him and take care of him well!”
Using a mommy this way was already his biggest tragedy, now how can it be his negligence?
Ye Wanwan gently shared the guy. “Why are you apologizing in my experience? It’s not your error.”
Lin Que hid far off prior to questioning, “Ninth… Ninth Brother… what’s occurring?”
How could somebody be heartless and ice cold-blooded for this extent? Was there everything she cared about?
“Yin Yuerong!” A bone tissue-chilling coldness erupted from Si Yehan’s eyeballs.
A moment later, Yin Yuerong slowly looked up. “Good child, you at long last came to the realization the kind of person your new mother is. That’s very good, isn’t it?”
Si Yehan continued to be muted, and Ye Wanwan believed her speculate was next to the label.
Yin Yuerong could even detain Tangtang all through his existence, reluctant to release him.
When Si Yehan returned, Lin Que nearly believed the Arbitration Local authority setting up was bombed since he got seriously never witnessed Si Yehan’s concept looking this terrible.
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Ye Wanwan slowly walked around and sighed softly when she found Si Yehan’s physical appearance. “Did the thing is your new mother?”
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With no another word, Yin Yuerong transformed and still left.
Chapter 2396: Putting gas towards the flames
Si Yehan finally spoke: “Wanwan, sorry.”
When those icy ideas were spoken, Yin Yuerong’s vertebrae stiffened.
Having said that, Si Yehan was Yin Yuerong’s daughter, of course, and he naturally recognized her well. Yin Yuerong probably mentioned something after they discovered each other nowadays, that had been why he was aggravated.
Lin Que hid far off ahead of inquiring, “Ninth… Ninth Brother… what’s occurring?”
Lin Que was dumbfounded. “D*mn! What are you arranging, 9th Sibling?! Have you been seeking to raid them forcefully?”

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