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Cultivation Online
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Chapter 209 Perfectly In Sync energetic writing
“It’s our use carry out,” Fei Yuyan mentioned together with her eyebrows brought up, and she carried on, “What track should we participate in? Immediately after Senior Song’s disciples’ results, it’ll be really hard for us to are competing since we don’t know any difficult audio like G.o.ds Descending from Heaven.”
‘What’s he thinking of?’ They couldn’t help but question to themselves soon after viewing Yuan’s vivid eye that provided them an ominous sensation for reasons unknown.
Of course, even Fei Yuyan herself was unaware of this, and she persisted to play the zither innocently.
Everyone else cheered immediately after ability to hear Piece of music Ling’er’s verdict. Eventhough it was not an ideal report, neither of them was their overall performance, therefore it was fully rationalized for once.
The target audience was immediately taken aback with the exceptional-sounding music and songs which had a style they’ve never observed before.
“Just who may be behind that dark face mask?!” The partic.i.p.ants which are people thought about.
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“W-Just what? What sort of popular music is that this?”
Despite the fact that most people there may not be alert to your situation, Tune Ling’er was aware just how shocking Yuan’s results was.
On the other hand, not every solitary spectator on the market was different with this type of audio.
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The players within the viewers were actually puzzled the moment they seen that this piece of music getting used had been a song from their present day environment, specially the competitors that were among the partic.i.p.ants there!
“Wait around the second… How come this songs appear so comfortable?”
Yuan adopted Fei Yuyan’s moves and performed the zither with the specific time she have.
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“Just who may be behind that dark colored face mask?!” The partic.i.p.ants that had been athletes thought about.
“I wonder what kind of surprise they’ll carry on this occasion and just how their results will compare with Ai Wan and Wei Kang’s results!”
“Disciple Yuan?” Fei Yuyan called out to him yet again.
However, the target audience seemed to be just a little baffled after.
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The compet.i.tion persisted, and like recently, immediately after Ai Wan and Wei Kang’s results, the remainder of the partic.i.p.ants seemed to be with a lack of their effectiveness, creating the visitors to grow bored to death.
Following going for a strong air, Fei Yuyan transported her toned forearms and set about playing the zither with her sensible hands and wrists.
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The compet.i.tion ongoing, and easily like recently, soon after Ai Wan and Wei Kang’s results, the remainder of the partic.i.p.ants seemed to be lacking in their effectiveness, causing the viewers to flourish uninterested.
Fei Yuyan’s sight widened, and she said, “Are you presently confident about this? That song… It’s too exclusive. What if the judges don’t like it? I believe it’d be better once we used certainly one of my songs.”
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Though a lot of people there probably are not aware about the circumstance, Music Ling’er recognized exactly how shocking Yuan’s results was.
“Thank you, Grasp!”
Just after Elderly Zou’s verdict, Elder Jing spoke, “Previously mentioned and beyond— that’s all I will say. Five tips from me too.”
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Fei Yuyan nodded using a severe appear in her facial area, and then she transformed to check out her zither.
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Yuan then mentioned, “Remember that certain song we played out during our exercise after we remained up all night long? Let’s perform that track.”
“As compared to Ai Wan and Wei Kang, their results is obviously missing.”
However most people there may not be aware of the situation, Melody Ling’er realized the best way alarming Yuan’s functionality was.
On the other hand, the target audience appeared to be a bit confused after.
“In comparison with Ai Wan and Wei Kang, their functionality is without a doubt missing.”
A while later, when they finally arrived at Yuan’s crew, the target audience immediately straightened their backside and widened their eyes with antic.i.p.ation flickering in.
“Ideal? Even though the melody was exclusive and extremely enjoyable-sounding, it wasn’t as enjoyable as I thinking it’d be…”
A matter of minutes later, Fei Yuyan stopped playing the zither, and the music immediately halted without the slow downs, much like she was the only one who has been enjoying the zither this entire time.

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