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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 710 – If You’re Brave Enough, Then Come! jail flowers
The hundun vigor was considerably denser here in comparison to other areas. They can imagine they were finding even closer the Origin Dragon Great Palace.
Hao Ren’s mouth were definitely demanding onto Su Han’s neck, and also a hickey was left behind on Su Han’s throat because of the sturdy pressure. Though it was as he employed an excessive amount of energy, it built Su Han a tad embarra.s.sed.
He never imagined which he would come for this palace all over again about this getaway.
Su Han looked at Hao Ren and was delighted again.
Hao Ren hugged Su Han and instantly jumped off this Ancestral Dragon Palace!
The Ancient Dragon Shrine all of a sudden proceeded to go right into a territory of utter darkness.
It showed Yin and Yang, the building blocks in the world!
Su Han was still reviewing the monuments. When she believed which the shrine acquired entered darkness, she had not been a bit frightened. Alternatively, she ongoing to look at the words for the monuments in order to uncover behaviour. Hao Ren was protecting within the front door, so she noticed very safe.
The Ancestral Dragon Palace all of a sudden got out from the darkness.
Su Han landed and got away from Hao Ren’s arms. Her windbreaker fluttered inside the wind flow and designed her start looking very awesome.
The Ancestral Dragon Palace unexpectedly got away from the darkness.
In this never-closing darkness, it turned out tough to notify which course people were planning at, so that it is in close proximity to difficult to reach the foundation Dragon Lavish Palace.
“See whether you might understand 1 and carry an individual rear,” Hao Ren claimed.
He never imagined that he will come to the palace all over again with this visit.
Just when these ideas came out in their thoughts, Hao Ren experienced acted all over again without her authorization by holding onto her gentle palm and traveling forward together with her.
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
The Ancestral Dragon Palace all of a sudden arrived out of your darkness.
“Acceptable.” Su Han wasn’t stupid. Following listening to his explanation, she was aware his approach straight away.
Su Han was very pleased already when getting a method after they obtained just are offered in here by chance.
Hao Ren’s world obtained successfully elevated from leading-tier Dui-amount to middle-level Xu-degree. He was superior at handling his hundun sword energies.
Her longsword which she kept at all times suddenly flew up and journeyed back to her palm!
The palace obtained went back towards the mountain / hill that Hao Ren and Su Han jumped from. When Su Han observed those shattered bits of hardwood, she obtained a little fearful.
Nevertheless, he didn’t see any fierce beasts inside the motion element of the Ancestral Dragon Palaces.
the weird brothers
Su Han understood so it wouldn’t be easy to understand these very medieval techniques. If she really wanted to take action, she would be required to transfer a complete monument back and have her a chance to decipher it.
The Ancestral Dragon Palace flew rapid. Su Han wasn’t capable to manage her balance, so she firmly grabbed on the gemstone monument beside her.
Hao Ren’s term was still extremely serious. He persisted to number while pulling Su Han’s hands and wrists to his stomach.
He never thought that he or she will come to this very palace again about this vacation.
He out of the blue sensed no hundun vitality inside of a very few hundred yards from the Beginning Dragon Lavish Palace!
Last but not least, they could land on a lawn while getting surrounded by pitch darkness.
The hundun vigor was a lot denser here in comparison with other areas. They may suppose they were acquiring closer to the Origin Dragon Fantastic Palace.
She was freezing that it seemed like her eyebrows were made out of frost, and her sight were actually constructed from snow.
“The Foundation Dragon Lavish Palace!” Su Han just about shouted out in thrills.
Her longsword which she organised all the time unexpectedly flew up and journeyed back into her palm!
Hao Ren was very targeted and continuing to count up.

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